Mt. Lebanon
Commissioner, Ward 1


My Commitment

I love Mt. Lebanon. I’m raising my family here, and I am committed to making Mt. Lebanon the most desirable place to live in the Pittsburgh Area. Our safe and thriving community is the result of an untold number of volunteers and dedicated employees across the spectrum from our police force, fire fighters, public works staff, teachers, school staff, and everyday residents. I would be proud to be your commissioner and represent you.


Bringing leadership, experience, and passion

Beverly Road, Mt. Lebanon

Beverly Road, Mt. Lebanon


Our Community

We have vibrant and friendly neighborhoods, a variety of places to worship, two business districts, the T, top rated schools, and high quality recreation options. Our residents span different ages and income brackets, and I hope to represent everyone.



veterans residing in Mt. Lebanon


students receiving free or reduced lunch


foreign born residents


35% of our residents have post graduate degrees

5% live at or below the poverty line

20% of our residents are seniors 65 or older

25% are 18 and under.