Climate change is a local issue just as much as a global one, and needs to be addressed simultaneously.



In Pittsburgh, climate change primarily shows up as flooding. With our aging infrastructure Pittsburgh and the surrounding suburbs aren’t prepared to handle the volume of rain per hour we saw in 2018. By partnering with trusted engineering firms and studying other community’s best practices we can lower the financial impact on residents due to flooding.


We can build a more sustainable community for ourselves and our children.

Pennsylvania is the 2nd largest landfill contributor per person in our country. Some countries like Austria, the Netherlands and Germany have virtually eliminated landfill disposal as these countries have implemented successful recycling programs and policies. In addition to waste reduction and recycling programs, there are several alternatives to landfills, including waste-to-energy incineration , anaerobic digestion, composting or mechanical biological waste treatments.

Recycling & Composting


What we’ve accomplished:



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